The statue was designed only for the customers, who invest in safety to increase the standards in theis plants.

Emniyet Yönetimi

No compromises to “Safety above the standards”.

Fortunately electrical accidents happen rarely but when they do, the consequences can be devastating. Eaton’s on-going investment in electrical safety makes it a leader in this vital discipline. Eaton regularly introduces innovative products that increase the safety of people and plants.

Eaton‘s focus in the safety management sector is clear: we close safety gaps and provide additional diagnostic information. So the risks to the plant facility and people are minimised. In 2011 Eaton presented the Yellow Eaton Safety Standard (YESS) award, for the first time, to companies that place a high priority on safety.

Investing in occupational safety is always the right decision but embracing this responsibility comes with a bonus – the return on investment in electrical safety can be up to 60%.

Please read our brochure and watch our videos to learn more about how independent experts and our award winning customers see the duty to invest in safety.

Investments in safety management bring an extra return!

Please see also the video "Arc Fault Protection System ARCON®"


Awarded customers: The winner 2014
2014 Eaton selects Mittermair & Partner as YESS Award winner! 
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Experts share their safety management views!

Aspects of Safety: Experts share their safety management views!
Indepent experts see the duty to invest in "Safety Management".  
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Awarded customers 2012

Awarded customers
In 2011, Eaton presented for the first time, the Yellow Eaton Safety Standard (YESS) award to companies the place a high priority on safety.
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